We Go High Project Continues to Grow

We Go High Project – KINS is responding to the current level of divisiveness, fear, incivility and gridlock we find in society with the We Go High Project, developed to serve as an innovation and resource network for the people, groups and organizations taking the high road to creating a better world.

Inspired by Michelle Obama’s advice to “go high when others go low” and Ellen DeGeneres’s advice to “be playful and be kind to one another”, we utilize the effectiveness of KINS Innovation Networks to provide inspiration, support, guidance and connections. www.wegohighproject.org and www.facebook.com/wegohighproject/

Imagining Philanthropy for Life Book Available Now

Imagining philanthropy for Life – We are proud to announce the upcoming publication of Imagining Philanthropy for Life: A Whole System Strategy for Unleashing True Love for Humankind

Along with the publication of the book we are developing the Philanthropy4Life Initiative, an emerging innovation network of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and change makers inviting conscious humans everywhere to breathe new life into our philanthropy, profit making, and investments. Our mission is to mobilize conscious capital flows to advance impactful whole system breakthrough initiatives with a New Source Code for Human Enterprise inside. http://www.philanthropy4life.net/our_book