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Susan Davis at the Women’s Wealth Revolution Summit

This interview is part of the Women’s Wealth Revolution Summit, a free online event featuring the world’s visionaries in business and spiritual leadership who share their wisdom on how to grow a soulful, lucrative business that changes lives while creating more fun and freedom. For more information, please visit the summit website at:

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Susan Davis at Women in Business World Summit

KINS Innovation Network Visionary Director gave two presentations in this global webinar summit for women in business. Please click on links below to view these presentations.

Pre-summit – ‘Making Your Business the Fullest Expression of Joy’

Susan will help you assess how to design your entrepreneurial role and your company offering around what you love to do and do well.  Using her experiences in key roles in launching 5 different socially responsible companies, she will help you manifest your life purpose while supporting your family through a company with social purpose. CLICK HERE –

Full Summit – ‘Marketing Innovations Proven to Work’

In her talk, Susan explains the KINS Innovation Network method, demonstrating how you can create your own innovation network to manifest your company mission. Susan will walk you through the steps of KINS, including. CLICK HERE –

Key Points you will learn from this presentation

  • Defining your mission statement using the Law of Intention,
  • Choosing the 30 most important sectors that can help you manifest your mission,
  • Finding the servant leaders who can best represent these sectors within your network,
  • Holding the Earth-based founding weekend to bring these leaders together in order to co-create the design of the innovation network, and
  • How to implement that design to achieve your mission.


Healthy Money Summit – A Production of the Shift Network

KINS Innovation Networks Founder Susan Davis hosted the New Paradigm Finance Day of the 2013 Healthy Money Summit – Navigating the Shift to Our Shared Prosperity a Production of the Shift Network ( This was a global tele-series with some of the most potent speakers, teachers, thought leaders and money pioneers who share the secrets to developing empowering money practices. For more information, please visit

Transforming Financial Education – A lack of financial education in schools has combined with a greed-based financial marketplace to result in global financial collapse.  Powerful financial education programs are now emerging which serve the great shift away from having fear and greed being the intention behind money.  A variety of new approaches are helping consumers enjoy having their intention behind money be love. Leslie Danziger, Katie Teague and Susan Davis describe the power of this new approach. Speakers included: Katie Teague, Leslie Danzinger and Susan Davis. 

This session is available  through The SHIFT Network purchase the upgrade package LINK HERE

Women Transforming Finance – Research confirms women’s collaborative win-win–win approach can outperform more competitive approaches in the marketplace. As women have moved into senior finance leadership, they have contributed game-changing initiatives within finance.  Susan Davis, Hazel Henderson and Riane Eisler tell these delicious stories with insight and joy. Speakers included: Hazel Henderson, Riane Eisler and Susan Davis.

This session is available  through The SHIFT Network purchase the upgrade package LINK HERE

Transforming Sustainability to Thrivability – Speakers describe the great shift from having institutional investors, corporate leaders, and conversation philanthropists operate from silos with a selfish focus ….to a shared collaboration resulting in thrivability for all.  Stuart Williams, Alisa Gravitz and Susan Davis will share the leading initiatives manifesting this result. Speakers Included: Alisa Gravitz, Stuart Williams and Susan Davis. To DOWNLOAD the audio recording for this session RIGHT click here

Philanthropists Transforming Finance and the World  – With the world’s most inspiring billionaires like Warren Buffet, Richard Branson and Shari Arison exemplifying new paradigm philanthropy, we are seeing a metamorphosis in how money is now manifesting transformative good in society.   Learn how billionaires and commoners alike are growing the gift economy and paying it forward.  Speakers included: Marilyn Levin, Janice Rous and Susan Davis.

This session is available  through The SHIFT Network purchase the upgrade package LINK HERE

See Philanthropists Manifesting their Life Missions Article by Susan Davis


Susan Davis telling the “Trojan Horse of Love” story at The Institute of Noetic Sciences 2005 Conference

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Susan Davis