KINS Innovation Networks


Ongoing KINS Networks

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ROFL Challenge
Uplifting the World with Laughter and Raising Funds for 50 Global Nonprofits
2017- Present


We Go High Project
Inspiring Humanity to Take the High Road to a Better World
2016- Present


Cocoa Livelihoods
Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions
2016 – Present


Fukushima Solutions
Healing the waters of the Earth with love, prayer and sacred technology
2015 – Present


Renewable Economics for a Sustainable Energy Transition
Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions
2015 – Present


Clean Electronics Productions
Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions
2015 – Present


Non-GMO Supply Working Group
Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions
2013 – Present


KINS for Philanthropists Manifesting Their Missions
Philanthropists creating KINS networks to fulfill their life purpose
2013 – 2016


The Fountain
Restoring a global economy of reciprocity, inspired by Nature and the Sacred
2013 – Present


Care First KINS
Creating a world governed by CARE FIRST
2013 – Present


KINS Tampa Bay
Community leaders manifesting conscious sustainability for Tampa Bay
2010 – Present
Sharon Joy Kleitsch


Solar Circle
Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions
2002 – Present


Community Capital
Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions
1999– Present


Investors’ Circle
Social Venture Capitalists – Patient Capital for a Sustainable Future
1991 – Present


Social Venture Network
National Network of Socially Responsible Business Leaders
1987 – Present


Committee of 200
America’s Leading Women Business Owners
1982 – Present


Chicago Finance Exchange
Leading Women Finance Executives
1981 – Present


The Chicago Network
Women Leaders of Chicago
1980 – Present


KINS Networks with Completed Missions


KINS for All
Social entrepreneurs collaborate and self-fund
2012 – 2014


Ohana Investing Circle
Investors investing consciously
2012 – 2014


Destiny Funding Circle
Sustainability leaders manifesting their funding


Ayni Vilcabamba (“Reciprocity Vilcabamba”)
Villagers manifesting intercultural ecological projects
2007 – 2009


Tipping Point Network
U.S. Sustainability Leaders
2006 – 2009


Kindred Spirits Network
Business Leaders Wishing to Learn ‘Earthcare’
2003 – 2005


Solaria Investors’ Circle
Angel Investors
2000 – 2005


Triple Bottom Line Simulation
Institutional Investors
2000 – 2004


VisionKeepers’ Forum
Leading Women Business Owners and Financiers
2000 – 2002 – for The Northern Trust


DreamMakers’ Forum
Leading African-American Business Owners
1999 – 2004 – For The Northern Trust


Growing Businesses Network
Introducing micro-enterprise to Nigeria
1996 – 2000


“Making a Profit While Making a Difference”
Financial Services Companies Offering Social Investment Products
1996 – 1999


Capital Circle
Women Investors in Women-Led Businesses
1995 – 1997


Inaugural Women’s Economic Summit
Women’s Financial & Business Leaders to Create an Economic Blueprint
1995 – 1996


Sustainable Circle
Leaders in Sustainable Agriculture


Harris Bank Family Office Management Conference
Families with Wealth of $100 Million Plus
1985 – 1990


Financial Forum
Wealthy Chicago Women Learning Finance
1983 – 1995