Philanthropists Manifesting Their Missions

KINS Innovation Networks hosted three cohorts of change agents and philanthropists during 2013, 2014 and 2015 for our 9 month program to learn about developing a KINS Network to fulfill on your life purpose. We are proud to display our members missions below which are in varying stages of development.

For the time being we are not planning to offer another program as we are newly focused on our KINS Community Project and an Innovation Council for the Center for Sustainability Solutions.


Missions of “KINS for Philanthropists” Members
2015 Members’ Missions

We are restoring a global economy of reciprocity, inspired by nature and the sacred.

We are shifting the global money DNA from money first to care first in decision-making.

We are manifesting thriving and measurable microbial solutions industries globally.

We are manifesting a model conscious community in our watershed.

We are accelerating a peaceful and sustainable way of life by 2025, energized by community.

We are taking co-creation to scale through sacred socio-technological innovation.

Fully funded, we are spreading KINS Innovation Networks globally.


2014 Members’ Missions

Impact investing is doubling the income of the lowest 20% of the US population in 10 years.

We are reconnecting investing with the real world, creating conditions conducive to life.

We are healing the waters of Earth with love, prayer and sacred technology.

​We are manifesting peace among religions by sharing, creating and restructuring sacred spaces.

We are achieving critical mass globally to increase the consciousness of the human family.

Fully funded, we are spreading KINS joyously globally.


2013 Members’ Missions

We are creating a world governed by putting CARE FIRST.

We are creating entrepreneurial jobs as the driver for new indigenous nations, modeled by the Haida people.

We are fostering thriving communities through powerful social innovations.

We are using the business, investment, humanitarian and environmental thesis of “People, Planet, and Prosperity” to effect positive global change.

We are supporting the Tampa Bay conscious sustainability initiative and linking it to Orlando.

We are creating world peace through business by igniting women’s HeartSoul entrepreneurship.

We are building the Stupa that conquers all directions at Karme Choling.


Invitation into the 2015 KINS for Philanthropists Program which is now complete:


Would you find it inspiring to take a deep dive into fulfilling your life purpose?
Join us to use a proven method in collaboration with a cohort
of conscious and well-respected philanthropists.


You are invited to join the 2015 KINS Innovation Network –
Philanthropists Manifesting Our Missions

We begin with a Founders’ Retreat May 29-31 near Washington, D.C. and
continue for 9 months through February 2016
(with bi-weekly calls, one-on-one coaching calls and more)

KINS is a proven innovation method for Manifesting Your Life’s Purpose.

In this course, you will be trained, coached and supported in using the remarkable KINS method to manifest the mission of central importance to you.

You will be greatly enriched by the deep support and connections as you connect to the KINS community of high integrity, high vibration, and highly conscious members in widely diverse fields gathered over 40 years of 40 KINS Networks.

The program is offered by Susan Davis, Alisa Gravitz, and Marilyn Levin with special guest speakers based on your needs and desires.

This KINS for Philanthropists is particularly special.  A number of the members of the 2014 KINS for Philanthropists are enjoying the process and community so much that they are re-enrolling to expand their progress.  This will open up some creative new possibilities for the format of the course since the knowledge pool will be so rich.  For example, we may choose to arrange for mentor pairs and we will create an adaptive design so that our calls best meet the needs of 2014 members and new members alike.

Click here to see testimonials from current KINS for Philanthropist members.


What is KINS?  KINS is a creative innovation method developed by 40 successive networks over 40 years, each building on the improvements of the last, as Susan Davis played a pivotal role in all.  She has now gifted this method to the world with a $100,000 grant to Green America.  Each KINS for Philanthropists begins with 10-15 people who have committed themselves to manifesting their calling or mission in the world.  KINS will train each person to create their KINS Innovation Network through bi-weekly virtual meetings (join by phone or skype) for 9 months.  KINS uses a higher level of consciousness and intuition as guiding principles.


What are the KINS operating principles? 

  • Our strategy is generosity and our intention is wonder.
  • A deal is a good deal when it is good for all concerned, including Earth.
  • Members contribute what they love to do and do well and little else, in both heart-based and mind-based behavior.
  • Members sit at the table of unknowing and there co-create with each other their transformative mission for the highest good of all concerned.
  • Given the KINS’ diversity, members understand that it will be normal to feel triggered.   Thus members agree that, when they feel upset, they will go within and ask what within them is asking to be healed.  Knowing that, they involve others such that all members feel empowered from the upset.
  • Everyone has equal time at the mike.
  • All information is available to all the members all the time.
  • Cutting-edge information from each constituency is shared confidentially, building trust among members.


How is a KINS network activated? Our KINS for Philanthropist 2015 Network will begin with a founders’ retreat in late May 2015, typical in KINS but not required (some choose to start with conference calls).  During this retreat you will receive guidance and coaching about how you can reach out to your networks effectively to create your KINS. You will learn key options like the choice to create your KINS at no cost or at a considerable cost if hiring a person in a founding organizer role.


How is KINS funded?  Many KINS networks are now being self-organized by people simply using the “open source” information on KINS at  However, the “KINS for Philanthropists Manifesting their Missions” is an initiative of  The cost is a $12,000 tax-deductible grant to Green America from each of the 13 philanthropists who will be chosen to participate.

What is the Program Design?  During our retreat on May 29-31, 2015 we will co-create the best model to serve our needs which includes 90-minute recorded calls held bi-weekly for 9 months, with each month focusing on the steps in creating a KINS Innovation Network:

  • creating the optimal mission statement using the law of intention
  • anchoring the KINS operating principles in all aspects of your KINS
  • choosing the 30 sectors from 100 that can most help manifest that mission
  • choosing the servant leader from each sector who can most contribute
  • convening the servant leaders to design your KINS at a weekend Founders’ Retreat
  • using the KINS operating principles to manifest the design the Founders create 

Results of this Training: 

  • Extensive training in a new paradigm model proven effective over 40 years wherein you are taken step-by-step through creating a network to help manifest your life purpose
  • Close supportive relationships with the other members of your KINS, who will leverage their assets and contacts to empower your mission
  • Within the KINS energy field, which is virtually opposite that of strategic planning, you’ll deeply enjoy working collaborations by phone with peers as generous to you as you’ll be to them
  • Personal coaching and introductions to influential high-integrity fellow innovators from KINS founder Susan Davis.


The KINS History:  Susan Davis has had the joy of serving as founding organizer of 40 innovation networks over 40 years to help manifest social investing, corporate social responsibility, women’s economic empowerment, organics, solar, micro-enterprise, family office management, social institutional investing and a whole-systems approach to sustainability.

In 1990, she launched her own firm, Capital Missions Company, which choose key social innovations, found the funding to organize them, researched for 6 months to 2 years to find members with KINS qualities and successfully launched the networks, spinning them off as soon as viable.  Each network dramatically improved on the one before, allowing Susan to gift each network with the improvements of the last.  The result is a predictable success model despite the fact that the heart-mind based KINS energy field is dramatically different than typical mind-based strategic planning process.

In 2012, Susan chose to gift the KINS method “open source” to the world instead of trademarking KINS and selling her company.  She chose as the leading not-for-profit with a KINS-type culture and made a $100,000 grant to fund the Spreading KINS Networks Division after selling her house.  This Division now offers this program to philanthropists who can fund their own KINS networks.


The Scientific Validation of KINS:  It is heartening that recent scientific initiatives are giving credence to why the KINS approach has proven to outperform other methods of innovation.  Click here for this information –


Costs of Creating Your KINS?  Between 1985 and 2005, KINS Innovation Networks have taken 6 months to 2 years to research and organize.    The costs have ranged from $60,000 for the Solar Circle and Financing Regenerative Communities KINS to $1 million for the Tipping Point Network.

However, over the last decade as consciousness is rising on Earth and the internet is serving the whole world, the costs have shrunk dramatically for KINS Networks and can now be done on whatever budget the philanthropist designs.  For example, the global KINS “to manifest a world governed by CARE FIRST” cost nothing but some travel expenses and the first of its 3 circles of 33 people was created in 3 months with all 33 members invited saying yes.  Other virtual and place-based KINS have functioned at no cost including KINS 4 All, Destiny Funding Circle, KINS Tampa Bay and KINS in Ecuador.   In contrast, a KINS for no GMOs at Green America has cost more than $200,000 and KINS with similar budgets and more are on the drawing board.

Program Leaders:  

Susan Davis, KINS Founder, leveraged her entrepreneurial successes in business and finance to facilitate groups of leaders to create the KINS method – a unique innovation for global sustainability.  This innovation method has produced extraordinary results in a wide variety of sectors including social investing, solar, micro-enterprise, social justice and sustainability.  She is based in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, living in an intentional community with her husband on their large intercultural, biodynamic, self-supporting farm community (,  Her bio is available at

and her gift book is available for download at


Alisa Gravitz is President/CEO of Green America, which develops marketplace solutions to social and environmental problems.  She is a nationally-recognized leader in the social investment industry, has authored Green America’s acclaimed Guide to Social Investing and jointly leads the 1% in Community Campaign that has moved more than $2 billion into community investments.  Ms. Gravitz’s board service includes Ceres, Positive Future Network, Network for Good, People 4 Earth and the Underdog Ventures Foundation.  She earned her MBA from Harvard University.


Marilyn Levin is KINS Managing Director and is an award-winning activist/community organizer, a professional speaker and the author of Experiential Activities for a Better World.  She founded a number of organizations including Global Sufficiency Network and served as Campaign Director for Four Years Go, an initiative to put humanity on a just, sustainable and fulfilling path by 2014.


How Can I Join?  To join this KINS, please review this website over several days to determine the resonance it has for you.  Also review for a historical perspective.  If the resonance is strong, please write a letter to Susan Davis at describing your interest and your mission.