KINS Testimonials From Founding Members

KINS for Philanthropists Manifesting Their Missions

September 2014 – May 2015


Ulco Visser

Testimonial –“KINS is the unique process of bringing the wisdom of the group, the group consciousness and each person’s love and heart into the KINS that each of us is creating!”

Mission – We are achieving critical mass, on  global scale, to increase consciousness and spirituality of the human family.


Walter Moora

Testimonial – “I was deeply saddened when I became aware of the slow death of the Pacific Ocean due to the nuclear contamination coming from the damaged  Fukushima Nuclear power plant complex.  I felt I had to act but I couldn’t imagine how a minor individual like me could do anything about such a global catastrophe.  Because I’m closely connected to various people already doing KINS,  I realized that was the only innovation method powerful enough to address a challenge like Fukushima.    I gathered my courage within and made a commitment to KINS.   Almost magically, people who could help me most appeared for membership, including the philanthropist to fund me in the KINS for Philanthropists.  I intend to host my  Founders‘ Retreat about the time of the Retreat for the 2015 KINS philanthropists.”

Mission – We are healing the waters of the earth with love, prayer and sacred technology.


Georgette Wong

Testimonial – “The value of KINS has been tremendous to me. As someone who has a lot of training in analysis/head, it’s been wonderfully refreshing to be able to bring my heart and intuition into my decision-making. Susan Davis has been an extraordinary support to me in helping me to voice and manifest my dream. She has also selected extraordinary people who are a part of the KINS group. Being with them every two weeks is a treat. Everyone is generous, shares openly and it’s wonderful to be with other people who are as equally led by passion as I am.”

Mission – Impact investing is doubling the income of the lowest 20% of the US population in ten years.


Suzanne Morgan

Testimonial: “Being in the 2014 KINS has been an irreplaceable experience for me.  KINS members are so supportive and so helpful to each other!  I’m amazed how you saw the common threads in us ahead of time because I didn’t see them at all and now, already, I’m finding amazing connections.  I had felt so alone doing my sacred spaces initiative but in the KINS I’ve found my peers.  We are all entrepreneurs and we all have a global vision, which is very unusual.  To have the special camaraderie between us as social entrepreneurs is priceless.  Each of us is missing a piece of the puzzle and we provide each other the missing pieces for how to get out there in the world and manifest our missions.  I’m amazed how much it has enhanced my life to know that I have this group behind me as my resource.  KINS is so very empowering.”

Mission – I am manifesting my optimal health and peace among religions by sharing, creating and restructuring sacred spaces.

Jyoti Prevatt

Testimonial: “I am thrilled with the initiatives birthed in The Fountain, based on KINS principles.  One is to restore the Black Hills to the Great Sioux Nation and another is to launch the global initiative we call the Declaration for the Restoration of Mother Earth, led by the Kogi tribe of Columbia.   A third is to create a “spiritual preserve” for major sacred sites in Ecuador as a model for protecting numerous such sites.  Yet a fourth is to use the Ezza village of Abakaliki in Nigeria to model a return to traditional home building, ceremonies, offering prayers and making traditional farms.   Our members themselves cannot believe the speed with which these results are manifesting due to the high trust we have built in collaboration within our KINS network.”

Mission:  We are restoring a global economy of reciprocity, inspired by nature and the sacred.

Katherine Collins

Testimonial: “The KINS for Philanthropists 2014 program offers unique value that appreciates over time, rather than depreciating.  Having been in several KINS before this one, I know that a year and two from now, looking back, our members will put a higher and higher figure on the value of the experience. During the program I experienced a significant increase in clarity.  In some areas this involved rocketing forward, while in other ways, I’ve slowed down to attend to things that need space to blossom.  Because of the KINS training in inner work and exploring the unknown, I’m finding it easier to get traction, with a balance of stepping forward and stepping back on the right things at the right time. The KINS program has also added more structure and depth to my understanding about the different pieces of fulfilling on my life mission.  And perhaps most important, it has ensured that all of my work continues to be deeply rooted in relationship rather than transaction.”

Mission: We are reconnecting investing with the real world, creating conditions conducive to life.

Marilyn Levin

Testimonial: “My mission is “Making holistic well-being truly accessible to the world.”   The reason is that if we can get people to a healthier place, we can get the world to a healthier place.   It is difficult to be ‘conscious’ if you are not well in body, mind and spirit and now I feel I am a part of liberating humanity.

In committing myself to my mission, I have found the KINS for Philanthropists infinitely valuable!    My fellow KINS members are vastly helpful whereas before it felt too grandiose to tell people what I intend to do.  This process of risk-taking has taught me what has held me back in the past and how to re-imagine my barriers into opportunities. This program is amazing!”

Mission:   Making holistic well-being truly accessible to the world.