KINS Innovation Networks

Kindred spirits collaborating to manifest a thriving Earth.

(A Sponsored Program of Green America)

KINS Innovation Networks originated in 1978 when Susan Davis Moora, at 37, gathered 12 key women to co-create The Chicago Network for top women in all fields to come into power in service to all Chicago and this thrives today. Susan’s life was so changed by this transformative network that she resolved to have such networks in her life forever.

Gradually she has served as the founding organizer for one major KINS after another through her own Capital Missions Company (CMC) (KINS signifies that “we are all one”.)   CMC succeeded joyously such that some 39 of its 40 KINS networks were successfully launched. (See   When Susan retired in 2013 at 72, she felt she could not sell the company because the buyer would keep the KINS method proprietary when instead it needed to be gifted to the world.  With her investors on board, Susan gifted it with her own funds to operate as a sponsored program of Green America, the leading U.S. non-profit in sustainability, founded 35 years ago and still run by Alisa Gravitz.   This KINS website offers everything you need to create a KINS Innovation Network of your own without charge.  The full story of manifesting KINS is available free in Susan‘s book,  The Trojan Horse of Love, available free on this website.

“When you begin to allow and welcome the idea of your expanded quantum mind, this invites a connection to higher functions and consciousness, such as insight, empathy, love, abstract and symbolic thinking, telepathy and intuition, multidimensional awareness, claiming the powerful yet subtle energy of true knowing and divine inspiration. We invite you to begin to allow your awareness to stretch beyond your limited programs or beliefs, knowing that you are always connected to the infinite field of divine consciousness. Begin to play in the field of all possibilities.”

Peggy Black and Humanity’s Team

Global Consciousness and Beyond